Google Maps Pack: The Quick Guide to the Best of Google’s Local Search Results

What is Google Map Pack? The Google Map Pack, or Google 3-pack or local pack, is the map listing that appears at the top of the search results for certain searches. It’s called the 3-pack because it includes 3 business listings that Google believes are the best matches for the searcher. Google determines this by proximity of the searcher, relevance of the search and prominence of the business. If Google’s algorithm detects local transactional intent, the 3-pack is triggered to appear.

Why Google Map Pack Is So Important for Local Businesses

There are more Clicks at the Top
The top three search results receive around 75% of the clicks. This means 3 of 4 searchers showing local intent are going to reach out to one of the top three businesses listed - a click to the website, phone call, or directions to your business.

The Map Results Display Above Organic Results
The Map results display above the organic results! This means a business can leapfrog over the top of the #1 organic search result.

Mobile Influence
3 of 4 searchers that trigger a 3-pack result are using their mobile device - and the mobile result displays at the very top of the search - usually taking up the whole screen.

Great Branding
Being at the top of the map search is some of the best branding that you can get online - Google has recommended your business as the best local option, which inspires confidence in your brand.

Social Proof
Your star rating also lends credibility to your business. If you’ve earned a high star rating, the potential customer will be more inclined to trust your brand.

Get to the Top
Google’s local results are based on three main factors: proximity, relevance, and prominence. Proximity depends on the location of the searcher, so not much you can do to influence that. However, the next two, relevance and prominence are factors that are up to you.

How Relevant are You?
Local keywords on your website and Google Profile, and the linking of the two, will help you rate higher in relevance. Are you located in City A, but would love to get more clients from City B next door? Local links, local citations, information about local events and businesses inform Google that you are relevant in City B. This is why many times you’ll see a cluster of “local pages” for a neighboring city on a business website.

Keep you Google Business Profile up-to-date and regularly upload new photos of your business - Google likes serving up information that’s fresh, and is more likely to rank you higher if you are active in the listing.

Google takes great care to serve up trusted results, which is why it gleans information about your business from other local directories and citation sites, such as the BBB and others. It helps convince Google that you’re not a fly-by-night company, here today gone tomorrow - so make sure your citation directories have a high NAP score (consistent Name-Address-Phone).

Google reviews are the best recommendation that consumers can give your business, because they not only influence other potential customers, but they help your prominence score in Google Algorithm. Businesses that are serious about ranking well in Local absolutely need to tight review program in place.

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