The Evolution of Local SEO Reporting

Local search rankings are more hyper-local than ever. You can do a google search at your place of business and see that you are #1 - from the point at which you are currently standing. But what about down the street, 5 blocks away? Take your phone with you to lunch and so the same search - and you’ll see that you’ll get different results!

This is very important information to know, because this is where your potential customers will be searching from. Along with this evolution in search technology comes an evolution in search reporting technology - mapping your rankings (along with your top competitors onto a grid so that you now have a bird’s eye view of how you are ranking at different locations in your market area. With this new knowledge, your program can be tweaked to improve your search ranking results hyper-locally!

Being able to compare and contrast your keyword rankings across a market grid versus your competitors enables decision making based on a truer picture of your rankings. For example, you’ll be able to see if a competitor is dominating an important keyword across your market - no more guessing. Then actionable steps can be taken gain control of these keywords.

Progress can also be monitored with clarity. What improves your ranking in one area might cause it to fall in another part of town. For this reason the reports tracks average map rank per keyword over a timeline - which gives you a single data point to effectively track your performance over time. This new knowledge is a game changer for local search success!