Should “Cost” Keywords be Included in Your Aesthetics Marketing SEO Strategy?

Optimizing for "cost" keywords can benefit your aesthetics marketing program in multiple ways. Firstly, Google favors numbers, particularly in featured snippets, which can improve your website's visibility. Featured snippet listings, like the one below, increase the authority of your website, and thus help boost your search engine rankings. Also, optimizing for "cost" keywords increases direct organic keyword “intent” match traffic to your site, which results in more conversions.

According to data from other studies, search queries which include the keyword "cost,", ie “Coolsculpting Cost”, indicate specific “transactional intent” to gather information on pricing. Transactional intent triggers the Google 3 Pack Map at the top of the search results page, which displays the top three local businesses that offer the searched service.

In a study conducted by Sterling Sky, it was discovered that optimizing for “cost” keywords is not only a way to deliver additional traffic, but it also drives high conversions. This highlights the significant role that cost-based keywords play in online search behavior and underscores their importance for businesses looking to attract potential customers interested in pricing information.

Takeaway: To determine if including cost-based keywords would be good for your aesthetics marketing program, perform a search on Google using relevant keywords such as "Botox Cost" or "Coolsculpting Cost." etc. If the Google Map 3 pack appears on the search results page, and particularly if it displays competitors' results, consider incorporating these keywords into your strategy to increase your visibility and attract potential customers interested in your pricing.

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