Google Reviews Are Now Even More Important

We all know that getting reviews on your Google My Business profile is important. They help a searcher make a value judgement about your business based on others’ reviews. Now that searcher can make that decision even faster – Google has added star-ratings to the review summary that shows up in your business knowledge panel.

There are studies that show that show how important these reviews are to consumers – these are numerous and there’s no need to review them here. However – these new results take it a step further. Let’s say someone is searching for Botox, but their specific search is “Botox expert injector” – these new search results will show reviews containing “expert injector” (in bold italics) along with the star rating of that review. This allows the searcher to make an even quicker decision by not having to read through all the reviews.

The takeaway is to keep getting those reviews, and make them varied. If possible ask your clients to be specific in the language in the review – along with a five-star rating of course!