Before & After Photos: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Let's face it, before and after photos are the MVPs of medspa marketing. They're the visual proof that your treatments work, the silent testimonials that build trust with potential clients. But are you getting the most out of them?

Here's the truth, a surprising number of medspas are missing the mark with their before and after photos. Blurry photos, inconsistent lighting, bad angles, stock manufacturer photos, or photoshopped pictures – we like to think we've seen it all in the medspa marketing world, but these before and after photos? They keep finding new ways to surprise us...and not in a good way. These unprofessional tactics and unrealistic expectations all contribute to leaving potential clients confused and unconvinced.

So, how can you up your before and after photo game?

Quality is King (and Queen)

 Invest in professional photography or at least a high-quality camera. Good lighting is crucial – natural light is ideal, but avoid harsh shadows. Even your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy camera can capture stunning images if you prioritize lighting and composition.

Use Gridlines! This will save you time and help you achieve consistent Before & After (B/A) photos. 

How to add gridlines to your camera

Consistency is Key

 Treat before and after photos like twins. Same lighting, same angle, same distance from the client. Even similar clothing can help with visual comparison.

Reality Reigns

Let's be honest, nobody expects to look airbrushed after a Botox session. Show natural-looking results, and focus on subtle improvements over dramatic transformations.

It's All About Trust

Get written consent from clients to use their photos. Be transparent about the timeframe between photos – some procedures take time to show their full effects.

Before And After

 This might seem obvious, but double-check! You'd be surprised how often photos get accidentally flipped.

Bonus Tip: Don't be afraid to showcase multiple clients. Show the range of results possible, and cater to diverse ethnicities and skin tones.

You can transform your before and after photos from an afterthought to a powerful marketing tool. They'll build trust, showcase your expertise, and ultimately convert those clicks into Medspa bookings!

Contact us today for a consultation on creating impactful visuals that will boost your med spa's marketing.

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