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How did Live Page Cafe end up working with medspas?

More than a decade ago, I worked for a big agency that specialized in building websites and handling marketing for medical spas. At that company, we threw around a lot of big marketing words, although we usually didn’t need to. The company launched an all-in-one website and marketing system intended to work for everyone, which meant that it didn’t work for anyone.

That’s because a cookie-cutter approach ignores all of the uniqueness that each business possesses. Think of it like a one-size-fits-all dress - it usually doesn’t flatter any wearer. So that fancy all-in-one system only led to an overused look in websites and marketing campaigns. In fact, there was repetition and sameness that went all the way to the graphics themselves. If you’ve seen this image, you’ve seen this type of work.

I knew there was a better way to market medical spas and related businesses that would take into consideration what made each one special.

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And I noticed that our clients wanted the same things:

  • Great website functions catered to the medical aesthetics industry as a whole and to their practice specifically.
  • Smart, professional, personalized marketing.
  • The opportunity to work with a partner who communicates well and knows and respects the medical aesthetics industry.

I founded Live Page Cafe in 2008 and had soon built our medspa marketing capabilities to include more functionalities than that old all-in-one system, while always ensuring that technologies, options and aesthetics - especially those graphics! - could be tailored to each individual client.

More than a dozen years and many generations of websites later, we've continued to refine our tools, but the overall concept remains the same: medical aesthetic-focused website functionality, personalized marketing, and industry knowhow. We have developed and maintained dozens of websites for clients throughout the country and paired these with integrated digital marketing solutions. Throughout each project, we’ve remembered that one-size-fits all has no place in the aesthetics industry.

Meet the Team

You can think of us as your behind-the-scenes partner. While you stay busy running your business and providing excellent patient care, we make sure your website always looks great, manage your monthly updates, keep you in top spots on the search engines, and ensure your high-quality web presence. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes from having a team at the forefront of the latest marketing trends. Because when we learn something new that can benefit you, your business and your clients, you'll know about it in real time.

Our team consists of marketers, sales professionals, search engine specialists, graphic designers, writers, PR specialists, and two teams of developers - all with years of experience providing services and content for the medical aesthetics industry. We have the technical pinnings and expertise you'd expect in a digital agency, but our focus is selling the story of your business and connecting with more prospective clients.


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President, Search Specialist



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Lead Developer


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PR Specialist

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