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A Top-Performing Website

Make the most of your online presence with custom features designed for medical aesthetics marketing.

Your website won’t just look great, it will perform even better. A great design helps build your potential patients’ confidence in your medical practice, but visual aesthetics are just the start.

Our custom medical aesthetic websites have tailored features for medspas and medical aesthetic practices, enabling high functionality and quicker website builds. These features make visiting the website an enjoyable and engaging experience for human visitors while ensuring easy website management.

We recognize that each medical aesthetics practice is distinct, so our menu of features allows each of our clients to benefit from those that fit and not overwhelm the site with those that do not. And if your needs change over time, we can update your site’s capabilities too.

Let’s take a look at what is currently on the menu:

Specials Engine

Monthly Promotions are shown on a custom specials page that match your brand and populate on the service page. For example, your fillers specials will auto-populate on both the specials page and the fillers page.

  • Special displays on specials page.
  • Special displays on treatment page.
  • Special can be pre-scheduled and will remove itself on expiration date.
  • SEO special offer schema information is written and submitted to Google.
  • Specials link is social media ready.

Solution/Treatment Cards

Treatment cards display information about a particular treatment and are sortable by category. These treatment category cards are automatically displayed throughout the website wherever appropriate. For example, all fat-reduction treatment cards will appear on a “Solutions for Unwanted Fat” page.

  • Treatment cards are sortable by category or individually throughout the site.
  • Easy to update.
  • Card categories are custom designed per site.

Before/After Engine

This is the feature no medical aesthetic practice should be without! The Before/After Engine displays before/after images by category on the Before/After Gallery page and automatically displays the category gallery on the coordinating treatment page.

  • Filterable by category.
  • Easy to update, no coding required.
  • Before/After images display on the right treatment page.
  • SEO alt tags can be written for each image for Google Image optimization.

Video Gallery Engine

This feature displays videos on a master video gallery page, which is sortable by category. Video galleries will also sort to specific treatment pages.

  • Host videos on services like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.
  • Insert the video link, and videos will automatically display and sort in the gallery and on treatment pages.
  • SEO tags can be written and submitted to Google.
  • Filterable by category.
  • Easy to update, no coding required.
  • Before/After images display on the right treatment page.
  • SEO alt tags can be written for each image for Google Image optimization.

Event Management

Events display on an event page as well as on the treatment page, and a full RSVP Engine can be created for live or remote events.

  • With the scheduling engine, the event displays and removes itself per your schedule.
  • The allocation feature provides guests the option to sign up with friends.
  • You can include free or paid events with shopping cart integration, which will charge the client for paid events.
  • Follow-up emails remind attendees of upcoming events.
  • A signup list auto-generated so that you can build your database.

Gift Certificates and Shopping Cart

Boost your bottom line by selling services, gift certificates, event tickets, and physical products on your website.

  • Add to Cart and Buy It Now buttons are linked to the shopping cart.
  • Checkout offers guest and return shopper functions.
  • Ensure guests a safe, encrypted shopping experience.
  • Cart reminder email capabilities can be added.

Custom Media/PR Section

Boost your credibility by displaying media inclusions and press releases on a custom page.

  • All posts are SEO optimized for Google.
  • No coding is needed to add new items.

Lead Source on Web Lead Notifications

Understand when your leads come in and where they are coming from to get a solid picture of which efforts perform best for your individual practice.

  • Each website lead notification shows the source of the lead – ie Google organic search, Facebook, email campaign, etc.
  • Google searches display the keyword used to get to your site.

Patient Forms and Pre-post Care

Keep an easy-to-update library of all up-to-date patient forms.

  • Forms can be displayed on the website and/or used as email attachments.
  • Forms can be downloadable and/or filled in by patient online.

Pre- and post-care pages display on the master pre/post care page and are sortable by category. These are also sortable to feed automatically to the coordinating treatment page.

  • Each page is SEO optimized to provide better rankings for treatment pages.

Career Center

This is your virtual hiring center. Display jobs available, and applicants can upload resumes and images.

  • Display content such as photos, core values, testimonials, benefits, and job openings.
  • Receive applications in one place.

Reviews Synch

Our Review Management service syncs reviews to your page and is filterable for the top reviews only.

  • Reviews synced to filterable page
  • Multiple review services are available
  • Review schema written and submitted to Google.

Modal Pop-up

We enable Pop-ups on specific site pages. This feature is ideal for landing pages and special offers.

  • Pop-ups include sign-up forms and links.
  • These can be set up to appear with a variety of frequencies.

Custom FAQ

Custom, sortable FAQ's by category are available anywhere on the site.

  • Provide answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Increase SEO with commonly searched questions.

Home Slider

The easy-to-update home page slider means your site always looks fresh.

  • You can update your home page main image as often as you would like to, no coding required.
  • Search alt tags can be written and submitted to Google.
  • Pre-scheduled updates are also available.

Meet the Staff

Easily display and update key staff members along with a bio on the staff page. This feature also creates custom staff “cards” filterable by web page. For example, you can show staff member injectors of fillers on filler pages.

  • Easy to update.
  • Staff bios display on the bios page and can be tagged for treatment pages.

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