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Let’s move your website and marketing efforts forward!

Your website and marketing program will be unique to your business and marketing goals. Through a series of short discovery phone calls, we'll help you decide the best starting point for your business.


Option #1: New Website

We follow a proven process of website creation that puts the focus on your clients, your message, and your goals. With our guidance, you'll walk through our five-step process to strategize and develop your new online presence.

Even if you've been in business a while, it's a great exercise to re-evaluate the value that you bring to your clients, and who that ideal client is. And at the end of the process, you'll have a new website that is appealing, engaging and functional. We'll help decide the best website platform and design ideas to help you realize your marketing goals.


Option #2: Website Transfer

If you're generally happy with your current website design, we can transfer your site or re-build it onto a new platform and update the functionality at the same time. If your website is few years past its' prime, but you like the look -  we can refresh and re-code it, giving it new functionality and modernize the design, while keeping the same look.

We'll provide a full review of items that can be upgraded and show you the options, while keeping your brand intact. And since we are not going through a full design process, transferring an existing site keeps costs down as well..


Option #3: Marketing/SEO

In some cases, your current website is just fine, and you'd like to bring on Live Page Cafe as your trusted marketing partner.  Our team is skilled on multiple website platforms, so adding us to your team for  website management, Search Engine Services or marketing will be natural fit.

We'll start with a full free marketing analysis and competitive report, set goals, and then start the marketing process.


Get a Free Marketing Evaluation

We’ll discuss your practice and then tell you exactly what we can do to help increase your lead generation.

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